The Manufacturing branch of LU 257 is comprised of employees at Central Electric/AZZ Plant located just south of Fulton, MO. The plant manufactures electrical switchgear beginning with raw sheet steel, welding, painting, wiring, testing and delivery.

About The Manufacturing Department:
IBEW manufacturing members, employed by companies of all sizes, produce a wide array of products and electrical and electronic components for many diverse industries; such as communications, healthcare, national defense, aerospace, consumer electronics and computer hardware. Equipment needed for the generation, control and distribution of energy is also produced by IBEW manufacturing members.
The highly diversified list of products manufactured by IBEW members includes electric motors and generators, light fixtures, all types of household appliances, broadcasting and entertainment equipment, telecommunications equipment, and scientific and medical equipment.

The Manufacturing Department of the IBEW was established to help local unions in their efforts to help make sure all workers in local communities have a chance for union representation.

Arc-Resistant Switchgear

AZZ is pleased to introduce the latest innovation in our product portfolio, Utility Grade Arc-Resistant Switchgear. With its industry leading low-profile design, it works in existing switchgear rooms and with standard height outdoor systems.





Medium Voltage Switchgear

AZZ is a premier manufacturer of custom designed medium voltage metal-enclosed and metal-clad switchgear for indoor or outdoor applications with voltages ranging from 5kV to 38kV.





Mining Switchgear

AZZ manufactures customized portable and fixed substations and a comprehensive line of metal-clad and metal-enclosed switchgear for the surface mining industry. All designs are engineered with an emphasis on safety.